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Author Topic: Committee minutes of the NZMPBA 20/05/24 7.30pm by Skype.
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Post Committee minutes of the NZMPBA 20/05/24 7.30pm by Skype.
on: June 7, 2024, 16:34

Committee minutes of the NZMPBA 20/05/24 7.30pm by Skype.

Member present, Rudy van Vlerken, Murry Gallen, Ross Heald, Trevor McClellan.
Guests, Steve Trott and Garth Farmer.
Trevor McCellan and Amy have stepped down from there rolls as of the 22/05/24 as President and honouree Secretary.
We thank them for the work they have done over the last year.

1/ Appointment of 2 new members to the committee.
Steve Trott voted on. To sit from now till the Next AGM or there after.
Garth Farmer voted on as a full time committee member.

2/ new rolls and positions.
President Rudy van Vlerken, to stand as a fill in role till the next AGM
Committee members, Trevor McClellan, Ross Heald Secretary, Murry Gallen, Garth Farmer Treasurer, Steve Trott and Terry Ridderford.

3/ The speed run records to be accepted from Tauranga a true. As Rudy was present to confirm they were done on a measured course and the boats passed scrutineering.

4/ Up and coming regattas in NZ,
On October 1st the committee is to ask all NZ known clubs to submit their preferred regatta dates for 2025. These must be to the committee by no later than November the 25th. In the first week of December the committee will post the regatta calendar for 2025.

5/ Rull book changes and updates.
The committee will look as both the constitution and rule book and make recommendations to all NZ members on how we can bring both into the current environment. This is to better reflect what classes and the style of racing we have today. As they say times are changing and so do we.
6/ as above.
7/ The NZMPBA committee has agreed to pay for the lake Taupo access fees for 2024 to relieve the pressure on the host club. This is on the understanding that the day racing fee is reduced to the standard expected fee of $20.00
8/ As of today the NZMPBA has 48 finical members.

9/ The next AGM will be a invited skype meeting to all finical members on Sunday the 22nd Sept 2024 at 4pm. All will be advised by email.
We will invite all clubs to submit one of their own members as long as the are NZMPBA members to come onto the committee, so we have a NZ wide think tank and fair to all. To be voted on you must attend the skype meeting.
Any remits must be lodged no latter than 7th of September.

10/ Tauranga are going to host and run with the help of the NZMPBA a THUNDER DOWN UNDER Regatta over the 2 middle days of Easter 2025. All NZMPBA members are invited.
Watch out for the entry form which will cover both Electric, and Petrol.

Meating ended 8.45pm

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