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Author Topic: Committee Minutes 12-2-2024
TJ and AJ-
Posts: 17
Post Committee Minutes 12-2-2024
on: February 25, 2024, 11:56

Committee Meeting 12th February 2024 Agenda
Time 7.30pm via Skype
Welcome to the meeting.

Trevor McClellan (TM)
Amy McClellan (MA)
Rudy Van Vlerken (RvV)
Terry Riddiford (TR)
Ross Heald (RH)
Murray Gallen (MG)

Murray Smithson (MS)

Moved and accepted TM
Seconded RRV
Carried all

Financial Report
NZMPBA Monthly
Opening Balance 31 August
Closing Balance – 9 February

Opening Balance 31 August 2023
Entry Fee Account 114.19
Insurance Account 540.55
Non Profit Account 8807.98
Total 9,462.72

Entry Fee Account Interest 0.76
Insurance Account Interest 3.65
Non Profit Account


1 50.00
Returning Members 22 907.5
one day memb 0 0
Donation Life memb 0 0
Interest 56.94
Total 1,014.44

Entry Fee Account None 0
Insurance Account None 0
Non Profit Account Taupo waters- Bob


Insurance Grombie Lockwood 1,092.50
G Haines Stamps 21.50
T McClellan – 50

T McClellan Hairy McMClary def 3.30

Total 1,282.79

Closing Balance – 9 February
Entry Fee Accounts 114.95
Insurance Account 544.20
Non Profit Account 8,539.63
Total 9,198.78





Gabor Ovari 66 22 subs received


Regular Members 25
Total Members 31

Moved and accepted RRV
Seconded RH
Carried All

New members to be approved
Gabor Ovari (temporary approved so he can boat)
Moved and accepted RRV
Seconded TM
Carried Majority

Incoming and outgoing
lee kerr Tue, Jan 23,
8:53 PM

to me

I am looking to get copies of speed record certs that my dad William (Bill) Macdonald
of Nelson/Marlbororugh had won over the years.
He passed November 2022 and Im now looking to replace items lost/not obtained.
He had the following records which I believe some still stand.
P1 Petrol Mono
B Mono
A Deep Vee (Twice)

C1 Deep Vee
C2 Deep Vee (possible 3x)
P1 Deep Vee
I am based in Perth Australia but I am happy to Pay costs associated with these.
We actually lost everything including trophies when his home burnt down in March
2020 and had not replaced them prior to his passing but he wrote this information
down for me.
Any help that you can provide is very very much appreciated.
Kind regards
Pamela Kerr (Nee Macdonald)

NZMPBA Secretary Wed, Jan 24,
11:37 AM

to lee

Good morning Lee
Sorry for your loss 
We will do our best to get duplicate certificates as to trophies there maybe a couple
of trophies that are out of circulation now but may have his name on them 
We have all the trophies here that exist so will go through them and see what we can
If the trophies are no longer being used and has your fathers name on them I will run
it through the committee in February to see if we can donate them to you as to speed
records I will get in touch Grahame Hains as he has the full speed record history 
Once again I will run this past the committee to say that there will be no charge for
the duplicate certificates and that you will pay for any postage this may take a bit
of time.
In the meantime can you please send us your postal address so we have it on
Do you know if he had any speed patches?
As we might have duplicates here as we have spent the last year getting everything
into the one place.
Kind Regards 
Trevor NZMPBA President 
Amy Honouree NZMPBA Secretary 

NZMPBA Secretary Wed, Jan 24,

11:45 AM

to Grahame

Hi Grahame
Can you please see if what you can do for Lee attached email and let us know if you
find anything and we will get in touch with Lee on the outcome 
Thanks you 
Trevor NZMPBA President 

Grahame Haines Wed, Jan 24,
9:18 PM

to me

Hi Trevor I can sort these for Pamela. will touch base with her direct as she reached
out to me last night on messenger looking  for any of Bills boats.
on another note is it OK if input the dates of the Aussie Nationals and QLD Champs
on the NZMPBA Calendar just in case anyone might want to join us there.
I have not put up any dates for speed runs yet as I am sending our timer back to the
maker to see if he can get it working again. Im no electronics wizzard as he has tried
to explain what may be the problem but I am not keen to try incase I stuff it up. 

Are you coming over to the classic boats this year. I will go up this year and tale the
cracker up for a blast.
Cheers Nitro

NZMPBA Secretary Jan 26, 2024,
12:45 PM

to Grahame

Hi Graham 
All events to go on the calendar is the secretary's job if you would like to send the
relevant information to us we are more than happy to put it up on the calendar 

As to classic boat show yes we are going down 
Amy NZMPBA Honouree Secretary 
Thank you letter to Graham Hains on sending the speed equipment to be looked at
and get a quote to repair as it is our understanding that it is property of the NZMPBA
and any expendiger to be approved by committee.

Moved and accepted RRV
Seconded TR
Carried ALL

General Discussion
The Taupo offshore from 2023 Peter has paid the invoice.
Letter to Bob G asking to get relevant info to us as early as possible
so can be put through committee if we pick up cost of harbour
master and we ask that the event fees stay at $20 in line with every
other event to encourage more entrants ( separate letter)

As discussed at our last meeting to allow Offshore boats to set speed
records. In my last email to all committee members to look at the
rulebook regarding the Offshore class.
In section 5.8 in the rulebook offshore boat need to fit into a
specified description and also they have a high points racing series
and format and event specification. They also have a general
offshore rules. My proposal is that offshore boats can set speed
records in full offshore configuration including number boards. This
gives the guys that run offshore boats the opportunity to set speed

records without making any changes to compete with the speed of a
If you wish to use the same boat to set a mono record by stripping
off the excess weight eg: scale cowling and number board I do not
see this as being against the current rules.
Offshore boats that fit into the Offshore NZMPBA specifications can
set speed records as per engine class including stock classes Photo of
boat to be sent with speed record
For example with my stock Deep V by taking off the cowling scale
outboards and number board and moving the CFG I gain
approximately another 20 kmh.

Moved and accepted TM
Seconded TR
Carried ALL

Any other matters

Masterton model powerboat club
To look into if they are using RTR forms on their club days and race
days. As these are sanctioned by the NZMPBA and all competitors
need to be members of the NZMPBA and doing RTR forms as per the
NZMPBA rulebook to be covered by our insurance policy

Peter Collier has asked that the committee make it very clear on
decisions as he is finding it difficult to follow directives by the

Meeting closed 8.49pm

Next meeting 8 th of April

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