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Author Topic: Committee meeting 11-09-2023
TJ and AJ-
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Post Committee meeting 11-09-2023
on: September 18, 2023, 09:57

Committee meeting 11/9/2023 agenda
Time 7.30pm via skype
Welcome to the meeting

Trevor McClellan(TM)
Amy McClellan (MA)
Murray Smithson (MS)
Rudy Van Vlerken (RvV)
Terry Riddiford (TR)
Ross Heald (RH)

Murray Gallen (MG)

Moved and accepted MS
Seconded RH
Carried ALL

Financial Report
NZMPBA Monthly Accounts

Opening Balance 1 April 2023
Closing Balance – 31 August 2023

Opening Balance 1 April 2023

Entry Fee Account 114.19
Insurance Account 540.55
Non Profit Account 8,485.36

Total 9,140.10

Insurance Account Interest -
Entry Fee Account Interest -
Non Profit Account Gen set purchase BOP 149.61
New Members 3 100.00
Returning Members 6 300.00
one day memb Gavin Jamison 25.00
Donation Life memb
Total 574.61


Entry Fee Account None
Insurance Account None -
Non Profit Account G Haines Aus Entry fees assist 200.00
Host Papa- Domain name renewal 51.99

Total 251.99

Closing Balance – 31 August 2023
Entry Fee Accounts 540.55
Insurance Account 8,807.98
Non Profit Account
Total 9,462.72

Name NZMPBPA # 6 subs in April – Aug see statement
Ross Heald 175
Chris McKeich 165
Gareth Farmer 166

Life Members 6
Regular Members 48
Total Members 54

Moved and accepted RvV
Seconded TR
Carried All
New members to be approved
Ross Heald
Chris McKeich
Gareth Farmer
Moved by MS
Seconded TR
Carried All
General Discussion
Taupo Offshore
Request for funding
Sent out email to committee for approval we decided on paying for the fees to run the Taupo 100 and everyone came back with the conditions that $5 from every entry comes back to the NZMPBA.
Sent email to Bob with conditions No return email
Bob has now sent through below invoice which is all that they have been charged

Hamilton Model Power Boat Club 37 Coleraine Drive
Hamilton 3210
Invoice Date 26 Jul 2023
Invoice Number INV-0685
GST Number 100-801-991
Taupo Waters Trust P O Box 87
TURANGI 3353 New Zealand

Description Quantity Unit Price Amount NZD Application fee 1.00 130.00 130.00 Subtotal 130.00
TOTAL GST 15% 19.50
TOTAL NZD 149.50
Due Date: 20 Aug 2023
Please pay by Direct Credit to:-
BNZ Taupo Branch. Taupo Waters Trust 02 - 0428 - 0130922 - 00

PAYMENT ADVICE To: Taupo Waters Trust
P O Box 87
New Zealand
Customer Hamilton Model Power Boat Club Invoice Number INV-0685
Amount Due 149.50
Due Date 20 Aug 2023
Amount Enclosed

Enter the amount you are paying above

He has sent his bank details for reimbursement for the above invoice

Bob Gutsell
Aug 2, 2023, 6:25 PM

to me

Hi Amy
Here's the invoice I have paid to Taupo Waters Trust for the Lake usage.

My account number is 06-0622-0086726-00

I'll forward the Taupo Harbour master invoice once I have recieved and paid it.


We have not received an invoice for the Harbour Master Fees so do we take the deduction out of the above invoice and then pay the Harbour Master invoice when it arrives in full?
To my knowledge there were 7 paid up entries for the Taupo 100
Pay full invoice to into Bobs account and then send invoice to the Hamilton MPBC for $35 which is for the 7 entries
Incoming concerns Re Taupo Offshore
Hi Gents,
Not really my business as such but here's my 2 cents worth...

Taupo Offshore again not overly well supported, although it was fun.

As I understand it quite a premium was paid to local Iwi and Harbour Master to be able to run at Taupo ?

Seems to me the cost outweighs the value of running at this venue ?

Maybe a letter or phone call to Taupo Mayor to confirm we have raced annually at this site for years (25 ?) and never had to pay above fees until recently.
We bring in a group of competitors and family who by and large stay at local accommodation, eat at local restaurants, shop in town etc etc.

As a non profit organisation we are seeking to run a fun event for its members.
The costs being charged to use the venue would be far outweighed by the value the event brings to your township, and the costs to use the venue are now prohibitive.
We have any number of other venues in different towns / cities we can use where the event is welcomed and supported and there are no venue charges.
ie, Drop the charges and we will keep coming back.

Perhaps you might contact Regan Hart in Rotorua as I understand it he "leads" a small group of RC boaties there and they have several spots around the main Rotorua Lake where they run, surely one of those could be negotiated for use, perhaps instead of Taupo ?

Will leave it with you...

Cheers, ST.

Hi Amy,
Yes Hamilton MBC have annoyed me for years the way they wait so late to get an entry form out in advance of their events.
Hamilton 100 entry form out 2/6/23 for event 17 June (15 days), and then cancelled (assumed lack of entries?)
Taupo 100 entry form out 27/7/23 for event 19 August (23 days) 7 entries. When other clubs have posted on NZMPBA website their entry forms months in advance.
Also minimal effort to promote their events, except one cryptic mention on the NZMPBA FB page by Bob.
I think being so late with entry forms hinders getting a good entry cause folk assume it is not happening or have made other plans?? I have mentioned this to them on occasions and they seem totally unconcerned.
Also Bob and Matt are not currently NZMPBA financial and yet they are negotiating with NZMPBA for $ support!!!
HMBC also has/had a rule that their club membership is free if they are NZMPBA financial. Was the case in 2008 as I recall.
Seems that they would have collected 7 x $25 =$175 in entry fees for the Taupo 100, rather cheeky to be asking NZMPBA to foot the bill when have collected this amount of $. They should chip in with the bulk of the $175.
Then too cap it all (HMBC) can't even do a write up!!! Lazy.
Be interesting to hear Rudy's take in it since he was there, and that committee will consider accordingly.
Regards Peter Collier NZ23
Send letter to Hamilton MPBC just to look into what they should be paying. Rudy to draft letter
Moved and accepted RvV
Seconded TR
Carried All

Murray Smithson moves to introduce a stock into all petrol classes including all forms of record attempt

Seconded RvV
Carried All

It was bought up at the AGM once again re electronic timing
I have done some more research and to set up the system and to try and make it portable is way to expensive to consider as I feel that the NZMPBA can put the money into promoting the hobby as we are way down on members this year. The cost of an electronic lap scorer system is going to come in somewhere around $7,000.
To Expand on the reasoning for not doing more on with this is electronic lap scorer system is that you need to pass under the sensor wire within a 3 meter section and the wire end point can not be any further than 6 meter from control station also the sensor wire can not exceed 1 meter above the water the transponders are about $60 each and are hard to waterproof without shutting the signal out all it is going to be very hard to make the system portable. After talking with some club in Aus that are trying to run this kind of system are running into problem like water getting into transponders the sensor wire getting broken and getting boats to register if they do not go through the correct spot. and cost of implementing system
No further action to be taken
Incoming Emails: Refer to Taupo Offshore.

Matters arising

Change of date change of Venue WMPBC 2 day Oval
WMPBC would like to change the venue and the event to 1 day offshore at Hutt River on the 18th of November and Oval racing at new Venue in Otaki on the 19th of November
Proposed RvV
Moved MS
Seconded TR
Carried ALL

Speed Records
Peter Anderson Mono electric
Peter Anderson Tunnel electric
Tayler Trott T1 Thunderboat
Moved RvV
Seconded TM
Carried All

General discussion and any other business

Unfortunately due to Amy’s and My health starting to severely deteriorate we are going to need to rely on committee members stepping up to take on more responsibility while Amy and Myself work on trying to get better than what we are now.
Suggestions Send Rudy Password for email
For this meeting everybody needs to be patient and make time for Amy to keep up with the typing.

Date for next committee meeting 9th October 2023
Close meeting 9.10pm

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Post Re: Committee meeting 11-09-2023
on: December 1, 2023, 23:20

Hi All
Just caught up with these minutes and there seems to be some confusion wrt the request for coverage of expenses for use of the Taupo waters. We have not previously requested assistance with these nor would we have made a request if an offer had not been made by the secretary, in the email below. Once the offer was made we gladly took it up.

WRT notice period for event entry forms, there has never been a concern raised nor request made to have entry forms published earlier. If there had been, we would have gladly complied. In the 15 years we have run this event we have published entry forms for the end of the month prior to the event.

The events are always on the NZMPBA Calendar and that along with limited facebook promotion seemed to do the trick prior to COVID. Yep attendances have dropped signifcantly since COVID interuptions, and a number of our core racers are now dealing with other issues which prevent them from racing. I attribute that as being the primary cause for the drop in racing. But for a number of us the thrill and challenge of Offshore racing remains strong and we'll keep pressing ahead with organising events.

In the 15 years we have run this event we have missed the two COVID years because we couldn't travel, and last year we abandoned the race on the day due to the weather we encountered on the day of the race. This year has been the first year we have cancelled other events due to low entries, frankly I would have still run them but those who could be there on the day chose not to.

Yep neither Matt or I have been able to to put boats in the water this year, such is life. Fortunately both of us are healthy, but are tied up with other interests, and of course family. Hopefully our availability will change in the next year or so. But we continue to do our best to support our sport by organising venues and races as we do, irrespective of our membership being current.

Finally I haven't had any letters from the committee as suggested in the minutes above. We haven't received reimbursement for the application fees, and I have asked on at least one occaison via email, I think twice actually, for confirmation one the NZMPBA account number for us to pay the $5 levy. But no response.

I appreciate that everybody is doing their best to work with what life throws at us all, and so are we. Feel free to reach out with a phone call if anything further needs discussion.

I also haven't seen a request for event dates for next year yet either, can you advise when those are due?

Here is the email that initiated our request for reimbursement

"On Wednesday, 12 July 2023 at 08:47:36 am NZST, NZMPBA Secretary <> wrote:

Good morning Bob

The insurance information is on the NZMPBA website.

FYI the NZMPBA scrutineering form or for those that are already running the RTR form must be used at any NZMPBA event to be covered by insurance as stated in rulebook.

If there is a cost for using the water please let me know and I will hold an emergency committee meeting to see if we can approve funding up to you.

Thank you
NZMPBA Honouree Secretary"

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