Classes shall be determined by engine swept volume measured in or parts of a cubic cm and are as described below. For more detailed information go to Rule Book

Engine Classes for mono/hydro/tunnel hulls

Nitro Classes

A class. Up to 3.5 cc Glow Fuel
B class. 3.51 cc to 7.55 cc Glow Fuel
C1 class 7.55 cc to 10.00 cc Glow Fuel mono hull only
Engines must be of Aircraft origin with front induction and side exhaust.
C2 class. 10.01 cc to 16.60 cc Glow Fuel
X class. 16.61 cc to 36.00 cc Glow Fuel (Single or Multiple engines)

Scale Hydro Classes (Nitro)

Sport 45 Hydroplanes
C Scale Hydroplanes, engines to 11cc Register

Petrol Classes

P1 class. Up to 23.00 cc Petrol and oil only (No other additives allowed)
P2 class. 23.01 cc to 27.00 cc Petrol and oil only (No other additives allowed)
P3 class. 27.01 cc to 36 cc Petrol and oil only (No other additives allowed)
PX class. 36.01cc to 72.00 cc Petrol and oil only (No other additives allowed)

Open Oval will be the only event X or PX powered craft can enter at NZMPBA national Championships.

Electric Classes

N2 Hydro              N2 Sport Hydro         N2 Sport Offshore             N2 Mono        N2 Tunnel         N2 Deep Vee


P Hydro                P Sport Hydro             P Sport Offshore               P Mono           P Tunnel             P Deep Vee


Q Hydro              Q Sport Hydro             Q Sport Offshore               Q Mono          Q Tunnel              Q Deep Vee


S Hydro               S Sport Hydro              S Sport Offshore                S Mono          S Tunnel              S Deep Vee 


Hydro               T Sport Hydro              T Sport Offshore                T Mono          T Tunnel              T Deep Vee 


1/8th Scale








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