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Parameters from IMPBA and NAMBA


  • Description and Colors

  • 1. Buoys shall be any objects non-injurious to hulls, such as styrofoam or plastic bottles that float at least 50% out of the water.

  • 2. Buoys must be painted with fluorescent paint. Red or orange is preferred.

  • 3. Sharply contrasting fluorescent green shall be used on the entrance buoys (Number 1 & 4).

  • 4. Buoys must be no less than six or more than twelve inches in diameter and must float a minimum of five inches above the water



Buoys will be any object non-injurious to boat hulls such as Styrofoam or plastic that floats at least 50% out of the water, is clearly visible, brightly coloured (red, orange, or yellow), and securely fastened to their position. In no event will a buoy be less than six inches or more than 12 inches in diameter. Buoys must float a minimum of five inches above the water

Use these descriptions as a basis and develop our own specification and include on website. On going.


How to make weights – ongoing



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