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Author Topic: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
Nitro Ned
Posts: 189
Post Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: June 11, 2020, 19:43

Date 08 June 2020 8pm

PRESENT; Grahame Haines, Marie Haines, John Belworthy, Nigel Wong, Peter Collier, Murray Smithson., Trevor Terry,

APOLOGIES; Pieter Lokum, Philip Fowler,

Covid 19 up date and where to from here.
Now at Level 1 from midnight tonight therefore boating back to normal
Record claim forms
Now on Website under records tab
Presidents Cup volunteer to collate points.
Still No one has volunteered at this stage.?

NZMPBA Monthly Accounts

Opening Balance - 3 May 2020
Closing Balance - 5 June 2020

Opening Bank Accounts 3 May 2020

Entry Fee Account $ 113.64
Insurance Account $ 84.91
Non Profit Account $ 7,219.67

Total $ 7,418.22


Entry Fee Account Interest $ -
Insurance Account Interest $ -
Non Profit Account Subs $ 225.00

Total $ 225.00


Entry Fee Account None $ -
Insurance Account None $ -
Non Profit Account None $ -
$ -
$ -

Total $ -

Closing Balance 5 June 2020

Entry Fee Accounts $ 113.64
Insurance Account $ 84.91
Non Profit Account $ 7,444.67

Total $ 7,643.22

Wayne Mowbray 34
Wayne Thompson 29
Brad Thompson 36
Spike Taylor 38
Keith Ewing 27
Life Members 6 Total Members 32

Moved John Belworthy
Seconded. Trevor Terry

IN Steve Trott with revised BOP race calendar
2 from Bob Gutsell changing date of Hamilton offshore.
3 John Belworthy Booking an Offshore regatta in lieu of Wairarapa cancelling their July regatta and confirming it is happening
4 From Trevor McClennan

Good morning.
Hope this email finds you well.
I have been doing a lot of thinking over some time now to why there has been such a big drop in getting members to events.
I have been involved in model boating for over 50 years now and seen a lot of changes.
When I started boating it was fun and very family friendly. For me I would turn up to events with my dad, mum and sister and brother.
My dad was a very keen modeler. Back in the early 60s there was no club just for model power boats it was all under the Greater Wellington model association where there was scale boats yachts and power boats all controlled by the above.
In the late 60s the power boat side pulled away and formed their own club this was the beginning of the what we have now.
The club just kept on growing to one of the big reasons that most of the members were so keen to help new members get started.
As you can imagine there was not a lot of stuff on the market back then one of the things that was done between George Brickle Reg Tonks and Neil McClellan (my dad) they held open workshops nights where anyone came to help the ones who needed help to build boats and setting up boats.
Back in the day one of the laws was no radio gear could be bought until you registered it with the post office. One of the club rules back then was you had to show that you could drive your boat safely and have full control of boat at all time. Once you showed this to the president and they were happy with your ability to control the boat you got the go ahead to race.
When we held events there was always a challenge set up for everyone to have a go at one was to see how straight your boat ran with hands off transmitter and see if it would go between 2 markers set out this was always a lot of humour the other one was where you had a needle taped to the front of your boat and you were timed on how long it took you to pop 3 balloons. This one taught driver handling skills.
Back then there were only 3 classes which were A B and C which still are with us today as petrol boats and electrics were not even considered back then.
One of the big things we were there to have fun and enjoy the hobby. Everyone respected each other and the boats that were on the water yes there was the odd knock and bang but nothing too major if this did happen everyone offered help to fix the boats if they had damage.
This brings me to today and the way things have progressed we still have A B and C classes but now we have new classes introduced P1 P2 P3 and electric.
This has in my opinion caused a lot of confusion to what fits in where and where fits into what. I think to make the association grow the rules around especially P1 P2 P3 need to be looked at for example we will take P2 I can with my budget afford to only buy a Zenoah 26cc which produces around 3.5 horse power putting this up against other motors e.g. red line tiger kings and others that are producing over 4.5 horse power and in some cases up to 7 horse power. In my opinion I am at a disadvantage running what I can afford this brings me to another point as I am one of the slower boats on the water the faster boats will always lap me.
On several occasions where holding my line into the marker I have had boats run over my boat and been promptly told welcome to model boating as far as I’m concerned this is one of the things that is going to kill the hobby as I’m now at the stage where I’m very reluctant to run my boats at events.
As I have been modelling since I was 5 years old I have a good collection of model boats nearly hitting the 30+ mark a lot of these boats are scale or semi scale and unfortunately no longer apply to rules and regulations.
for example I built my cracker box over 35 years ago they were not even thought of as a class at the beginning when the class was developed I was allowed to run the Crackerbox under what they called the grandfather clause but sadly as of now I cannot run it in events as it does not meet the regulations.
So, it only comes out on club days and display days.
I also have many other boats that fall into this category I’m not asking for things to be changed but I do think in some situations it comes down to discretion are we are in this hobby to have fun or to go as fast as we can and god forbid if anyone gets in my way.
Your thoughts are welcome


Correspondence out

Correspondence Discussion
Trevors Letter
The committee acknowledges Trevor’s Letter and agree he has some valid points.
Classes have come about thru evolution and due to the level of support.
There are some that are racing in the offshore for example with stock engines and still beat hot motor set ups with a well set up boat with consistency and reliability.

Rule book upgrade guide to racing and National Championships
Committee has gone thru and tidied up ambiguous rules in Event rule for future upgrade
Peter has started reformatting to rule book into a single document and showed the committee the progress so far and all agree it will be easier to read and follow. Should be complete by next meeting for committee viewing then for membership viewing.

Is looming upon us.
Time to think about remits to be considered at the AGM.
Constitutional changes only can be considered at the AGM.

Moved: John Belworthy

Seconded Trevor Terry.

Next Committee Meeting July 7th

Meeting closed 9.40 pm

G Haines to post to web site.

Posts: 206
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: June 12, 2020, 10:38

In response to Trevor's letter yes I agree on the modified hot motors, I have always said they are ruining the hobby as they just brush the stock powered boats aside and then members that can't compete get frustrated & devastated and give up. Yes in fairness to that we do have T1 Thunder boats but they are the only pacific class that run stock motors. I have said for many years that we have too many classes. As far as petrol powered classes go we should have P1 stock up to 27cc Zenoah powered only. P2 Stock up to 27cc any brand of motor and then we go straight to open class up to 72cc which will include any motor standard or modified. That means as far as petrol power goes you have straight away cut the classes down to three. At the moment on club days apart from P1 Thunder boats it is open slather for all other classes of boats i.e. mono, tunnel & Hydro and the emphasis seems to be on winning rather than having fun. I know it is impossible to run separate classes on club days as you don't have time, but I think the Wairarapa club are probably part way there with their cracker boxes. Just imagine a few cracker boxes running around with a stock P1 Zenoah in it. Food for thought. Cheers Sorry

The Ridds
Posts: 118
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: July 5, 2020, 08:54

Well here we go again i try to get it up an running with a stock class back when i was on the committee an got shot down i agree with Trev to grow the hobby you need a stock class in petrol an as people get better in that class they will wont to go faster an move into the faster boats by getting a mod motor have a look at what Aussie did with their classes of racing to get people into the hobby you got to give them a class to run in an keep them keen

Posts: 276
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: July 5, 2020, 11:52

Can someone (I mean Trevor, Brian and Terry) please define what your understanding of what a Stock Engine means to you in the context of our hobby?

Is it.

A) An unmodified straight out of the box Zenoah 26 PUM? As specified in the T1 thunderboat rules.


B) Can it be any motor out of the box, unmodified by the owner or any other third party. Such motors by this definition can include Zenoahs of course, RCMK, Mathe, CMB, Tiger King and any other marine petrol engine up to 72 cc on the basis that it has not been modified in any way since it left the manufacturers factory. In other words it has not been modified from its factory configuration.

Which is it “A” or “B”?

Or is there a “C”?

Nitro Ned
Posts: 189
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: July 5, 2020, 21:42

Add to T1 thunderboat that is a hydro we also have stock crackerbox that is a mono that is starting to gain some traction in our sport.

Posts: 276
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: July 6, 2020, 00:36

………….and we have Stock as a class in Offshore and that can be a Deep Vee or a Tunnel.

So are there any events in our calendar that don't cater for a stock boater?

Posts: 148
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: July 6, 2020, 07:25

Wow some either short or selective memories! A few years back we introduced stock classes, these were using the box stock Zenoah 26, as in the T1 Thunderboat motor rule. We had mono, tunnel and T1. A couple of years ago the current committee, led by Nitro as president scrapped it. Perhaps a read back through minutes and the old propshafts would remind people. The stock classes were introduced for good reason, and around the bush it all goes again!
I am sorta surprised at Peter Colliers response here, he should know better, especially asking what a "stock" motor is, surely he remembers the past banging on about "why can't a stock 26 RCMK be in the stock class"!
Fact is we had stock classes, Nitro got rid of it.
Probably gonna be banned again now for this review...oh well!

Posts: 206
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: July 6, 2020, 16:47

Yes in fairness to you Peter, I should of defined stock motor by stating Stock Zenoah straight out of the box

The Ridds
Posts: 118
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: July 6, 2020, 17:09

Pete to your question it is (A)an yes a stock Zenoah an create a class such as Mono Hydro Tunnel. To make a 27cc motor one has to put in it a strocked 1mm crank thus not making it a stock motor then you create another class up to 27cc an same again Mono Hydro Tunnel then as Brian has said make the next Open anything goes Mono Hydro Tunnel now here is where it will get interesting if the committee how ever it maybe sets all this in place for the next 5 years an people know what the classes are they will build boats to fit into those classes an the example i will use for all of this is if i went out an brought Mini Racing car an wont to run it in the V8 Class i would be told where to go.When i started model boating there were classes of racing in place an we built boats to fit into those classes now people are building boats an telling the committee to make a class so they can run them. All this is just my thought an not pointing fingers at anyone cause being on a committee of any hobby/sport is bloody hard work

Posts: 115
Post Re: Committee meeting minutes 0/806/2020
on: July 6, 2020, 17:19

Hi All,
My understanding of "stock class" is that this is a Zenoah 231 or 260pum as per current rule book.
The only classes this currently applies to is T1 Thunderboat and Crackerbox. In the table of classes it does show Offshore as well but I really don't know if that happened by mistake or if that was formally introduced through the normal channels ?
In terms of stock mono and stock tunnel, I think we got as far as running them as trial classes at a Nats here in Tauranga a few years back, from memory both classes were very well supported but they never went on to be formally introduced to the rule book / classes. Bummer !
While we have a general lack of Oval racing at the moment, I think having the stock classes including mono and tunnel (so can cross over with Offshore too) would be a good move. The motors are cheap compared to anything else, are very reliable and last a long time properly looked after. Repairing and parts back up is easy within NZ. The racing they provide, albeit a little bit slower, is an awesome amount of fun as most are all about the same speed-wise, so it really does come down to driving skill. That makes things a bit easier for newer drivers too. By and large even when there is a mishap, the damage is usually not so severe (the faster you go the bigger the mess theory) so again is not so "putting off" in terms of taking boats home half destroyed, be it your fault /mistake or not...

Thats my ten cents for the day !
Cheers, Tui.

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