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Author Topic: Committee meeting minutes 09/12/2019
Nitro Ned
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Post Committee meeting minutes 09/12/2019
on: December 11, 2019, 19:55

Date 09 December 2019 8pm

PRESENT; Grahame Haines, Marie Haines, John Belworthy, Nigel Wong, Peter Collier, Murray Smithson. Trevor Terry, Phillip Fowler, Pieter Lokum.



Regarding contact with Brent Mills on website
Brent is busy so may look at another supplier
John to do some research
Nationals Application
Secretary to draft a letter to BOP with Committee requests

NZMPBA Monthly Accounts

Opening Balance - 1 October 2019
Closing Balance - 1 November 2019

Opening Bank Accounts 1 October 2019

Entry Fee Account $ 113.60
Insurance Account $ 1,084.12
Non Profit Account $ 6,561.94

Total $ 7,759.66


Entry Fee Account $ -
Insurance Account $ -
Non Profit Account $ -

Total $ -


Entry Fee Account None $ -
Insurance Account None $ -
Non Profit Account Place Cards $ 222.32
Record Cards $ 185.12
Courier $ 7.00

Total $ 414.44

Closing Balance 1 November 2019

Entry Fee Accounts $ 113.60
Insurance Account $ 1,084.12
Non Profit Account $ 6,147.50

Total $ 7,345.22


Life Members 6 Total Members 52

Moved John Belworthy that accounts be accepted
Seconded Murray Smithson


100 M Speed Blenheim

Grahame Haines S Tunnel 8 cell Electric 105.961kmh
Grahame Haines Petrol Outrigger Hydro Un-restricted noise 101.688kmh
Grahame Haines Petrol Outrigger Hydro 87db 97.641kmh
Grahame Haines Sport Petrol Hydro 87db 119.906kmh
Grahame Haines P2 Hydro 87db 120.459kmh
Grahame Haines Q Hydro 6 cell Electric 127.550kmh
Grahame Haines P Hydro 4 cell Electric 118.773 kmh

Moved Records be accepted John Belworthy

Seconded Nigel Wong


1 Nationals letter from BOPMPBC

To the NZMPBA Committee,
The recent committee meeting of the BOPMPBC discussed the proposed future NZMPBA National Championships at length.
We offer the below as our proposal as when and how this regatta might take place.

When: Friday 27th thru Sunday 29th March 2020.

Please note this last weekend of March avoids any clash with Easter until 2024, it also avoids the 2020 Wellington Offshore potential dates. The BOPMPBC 2 Lap Sprints and 100m Speed Runs normally run this weekend, would be brought forward to mid / late February.

This time of year captures what is usually quite settled and warm weather here in BOP, daylite savings is still running and provides “off peak” accomodation considerations.

The overall event could be:

Friday: Open water practice 12 noon until 3pm.

Saturday: 8am Gates Open
8.45am Drivers Brief
9.00am Racing begins
12 noon Lunch ( water closed)
12.30pm Racing continues
4.00pm water Closed

Sunday 8am Gates Open
8.45am Drivers Brief
9.00am Racing begins
12 noon Lunch ( water closed)
12.30pm Racing continues
4.00pm Water Closed
4.30pm Prize Giving

Proposed Classes:
T1 Thunderboat
Sport Petrol Hydro
P2 Hydro ( Note: all P2 classes will also allow entry of P1 powered craft)
P2 Tunnel
P2 Mono
P3 Hydro
P3 Tunnel
P3 Mono
Electric P Sport Offshore
Open Electric
Open Oval

Each class will run 4 heats per competitor, all heats run consequtively (except electric classes) until event is complete. The Electric classes will run 2 heats of each class each day to allow charging time. ie 1 x heat of P Sport Offshore and 1 x heat of Open Electric Sat Morn, then same Sat afternoon, same again Sunday.
All P2 based classes will run Saturday, with all P3 classes and Open Oval to run Sunday (allows overnight for motor swaps)

We estimate the entry fee for the event at $50 per competitor. This will include a BBQ lunch each day for all competitors. Hot and cold drinks, and perhaps other food would be available to purchase.
The base entry fee will also include inscribed medals for first place winners.
We are still contemplating some sort of token souvineer item for each competitor, of which the cost of would be passed on in addition to the above.

The BOP Club accepts that it will be responsible for all organising and running of the event. We do however need the NZMPBA to work with us in promoting the event to the NZ membership, and that any NZMPBA Comittee member attending the regatta still makes themselves available to help with regatta duties.
In respect of the above, then 10% of profit ( after all expenses ) is funded to the NZMPBA.

Please table this at your next NZMPBA Committee Meeting to consider and reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Steve Trott

2 Trev Terry Forum Code of conduct

Website Use Code of Conduct
We want all visitors and contributors to the NZMPBA Website and associated forums to have a safe, interesting and friendly experience.
Accordingly, all contributors to this site must comply with this Code of Conduct.
Your use of this website means that you accept and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct.
We may need to revise the Code of Conduct from time to time by amending this page. Please review this page regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes we make.
If you reasonably believe that anything on this website contravenes this Code of Conduct, please notify us by emailing our Website Administrator.
• must have a relevance to model boating.
• must be your own original work, unless you have the express permission of the copyright holder.
• must not contain anything that is unlawful, objectionable, offensive, abusive, harassing, threatening, defamatory, obscene, hateful, inflammatory, profane, racially or sexually or religiously offensive.
It will be the decision of the Website Administrator as to whether there has been a breach of this Code of Conduct. We have the right to edit, refuse to post, or to remove any contribution in whole or in part that we deem to be in breach of the Code of Conduct.
The web administrators are to consult the NZMPBA committee members for their comment before actioning.
If you feel that the Website Administrator is mistaken, you may appeal to the committee of the NZMPBA in writing with in 7 days of the material being removed. The committee will review material against the terms of this code of conduct at the next committee meeting. All parties involved will be informed of the committee’s review, who’s decision will be final.

3 Hamilton MBC proposed regatta dates

4 Rothbury Insurance bill

Correspondence Discussion

1 See above

2 Committee have read and approved to be added to Forum

3 See calendar

Correspondence out



1. 2020 Calendar sorted ready to be published on the Web site

2. Johns Suggestion re Presidents Cup
The current system is causing animosity and we need to look at removing the emphasis from NZ1, NZ2, NZ3. To be replaced with a medal, plaque, card or something similar.
3. Nigel raised Peters and other comments after Wellington Offshore on Forum on points allocation for Offshore. They are proportionally unfair, and the committee needs to look at a system to rectify this. ( it will up for approval and implementation before next years first round)
4. Peter reported the virtual yellow flag trialled at Wellington Offshore worked although the odd driver still travelling too fast past rescue boat.
5. Tow ropes on offshore boats are also causing some grief with rescue boat people. Drivers need to address a simple system that makes it easier to retrieve.

Committee is continuing to look at the rules

Next Committee Meeting February 3rd

Meeting closed 9.40pm

Moved: Phil Fowler

Seconded Trev Terry

G Haines to post to web site.

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