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Author Topic: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
Nitro Ned
Posts: 189
Post Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 10, 2019, 22:42

1 Grahame Haines 275 1595
2 Peter Anderson 26 1405
3 John Burke 105 847.5
4 Brent Mills 98 517.5
5 James Mills 242 490
6 Steve Trott 232 345
7 Matt Lee 55 323.5
8 Peter Collier 23 262.5
9 Birmy Korving 286 262.5
10 Dean Harris 120 200
11 John Belworthy 76 170
12 Damian Baker 108 160
13 BOB Gutsell 197 155
14 Richie Chapman 68 155
15 Terry Riddiford 32 150
16 Taylor Trott 33 132.5
17 Darrel Hansen 31 127.5
18 Kerry O'Reilly 42 112.5
19 Leigh Marsden 131 112.5
20 Brian Hely 22 110
21 Mark Kemps 355 105
22 Murray Smithson 50 97.5
23 Duncan Atkinson 25 90
24 Gordon White 109 87.5
25 Ant Schroder 313 85
26 Trev Terry 87 85
27 Glen Vallender 162 80
28 Chad Henwood 28 77.5
29 Wayne McNaught 5 70
30 Nigel Wong 261 65
30 Trevor McClellan250 64.5
31 Charl Croeser 11 62.5
32 Pieter Lokum 83 57.5
33 Matt Bindon 99 55
34 Trevor Emerson 78 55
35 Carl Hansen 148 50
36 Phil Fowler 223 40
37 Tony Rutledge 43 27.5
38 Jono Webb 64 25
39 keith Ewing 27 20
40 Brian Anderson 122 17.5
41 Marc Turgood 57 17.5
42 Wayne Thompson 29 17.5
43 Marcel Lagrand 757 10

Posts: 148
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 11, 2019, 07:10

Whoa hang on, when were these Blenheim speed runs? There has been no sanctioned event on the calendarfor speed runs this month.

Posts: 148
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 11, 2019, 12:40

Not on the calendar, not a sanctioned event. You cannot claim points or for that matter records for a non sanctioned event! That is written in the constitution and rule book.

Posts: 80
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 12, 2019, 20:01

Gee last nights rant and now this. It really give's me lots of enthusiasm to dust the boats off and join the association again.......... Said it before and will say it again. that PC causes more problems than its worth. FFS burn it,,,,,

Posts: 15
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 12, 2019, 22:46

Yes Matt couldn't agree more melt the bloody thing down and turn it into teaspoons maybe they might be useful

Posts: 276
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 12, 2019, 23:19

Or at the very least just retire it permanantly.

Posts: 115
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 13, 2019, 06:24

Theres nothing wrong with the PC Cup and what it stands for. Its the same as any other competition we have. The big issue is the systemic rule bending, especially by those that should know better. We have mostly adequate rules for everything we do, thats to make sure as much as possible that competition is as fair as possible for all. Unfortunately we see too many deciding to ignore or "revise" stuff when it suits them. If we don't have rules the whole thing turns into the wild west !
Seems to me if you think the PC Points thing is broken, then everything else is broken too. How many years has the NZ Offshore Hi points been going, and every year there some sort of issue someone has with the rules or points system, tinkered with relentlessly, should we just scrap that too ? Did all the boats at the recent Offshore events get scrutineered and photographed per the rules ? Did they all have number board brackets with competitors supplying their own number boards ? None of the images on FB indicated that was the case...what about other events where the majority of racers were allowed to compete and were not even financial, and worse many did not have the mandatory ignition kill where does it all start and stop ? The issue is actually an overall problem, not just with one thing.
We either have a rule set that is mandatory and everyone follows all the time, or forget trying to do anything because all this bickering will always be the end result.

Cheers, TUI.

Posts: 206
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 15, 2019, 09:10

It seems to me that unless you have an electric boat which will fit into a multitude of classes that have been created, you'll never have a chance of winning the Presidents Cup anyway.

Nitro Ned
Posts: 189
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 15, 2019, 21:06

Rules as I see them are a guideline for any organization to run by.

In our case we have a set of rules to guide the governing of our organization and there are rules to guide us for our racing.
Every single person that is or has been a member of our organization at some time have either broken, bent, twisted, or manipulated our rules to suite their situation whatever it may be. That includes me!
AND If any one of them stands up and categorically denies they have never done that is a bloody liar. it's human nature!!
At the same time if we were to run our organization pedantically to the letter of the law in every aspect of our rule book it would probably barely exist, if at all. Boaters will just get pissed of and leave as has already happened.
Let’s take the post above for example.
Yes, we do mostly have adequate rule but we also have some dumb rules introduced by people who want things their own way without thinking of the greater membership.
Grant Binns had a big clean out of dumb rules in the early 2000’s but as usual some creep back in.
Then when committees try to adjust them to make them fairer, they get accused of frigging with the rules yet again.
Once the Presidents cup format got changed from the old system (where no one really bothered about it too much and rather focused on racing) to the present system where you compete for the right to put NZ 1, 2, or 3 on your boat, (Numbers that should have been reserved in memory of our forefathers that started us off in the first place), there has been nothing but grief in our organization causing rifts and us losing boaters coz they are sick of the politicking and finger pointing because they are successful.
No1 should have been reserved in memory of Paul Carmody, 2 Maurice Burrell-Smith, and 3 Roma Burrell Smith. We Have numbers reserved in memory of latter boaters who have passed away but not the 3 most important people who got us started. I met with all of them back at the 1977 nationals very passionate and polite straight up people.
The current friction is going to continue till the focus on specifically winning the dam thing changes to just going out and racing for fun and if you win the PC it’s a bonus.
And as for the Offshore series yes it has been going for a few years now and it is full of Dumb Rules that need sorting out of which this committee is going to do before their term is over.
For example lets take the Canterbury Offshore as I guess the Facebook reference above is that regatta or maybe it was Wellington IDK I don’t follow the NZMPBA Face book Page or the face book that is refenced above.
So, on race day they get 5 boaters and 2 wives turn up to race day.
Offshore rules say you must have a pit man when you race.
Dang! To conform to the rules, they are going to have to run 2 X 2 boat heats and 1 heat of 1 so that they all race with a pit man.
So, what happened. The CD sez if you all agree we can all run together without a pit man and you will have to rescue your own boat if you stop. We all agreed.
See now 5 of us have now already broken/bent the rules before we start.
The CD scrutineers the boats and OOP’s didn’t take any photos of the boats WTF! Why do they need to take photos and where do they go and to whom. For what purpose ? He’s already scrutineered the boats to make sure they conform. ( Dumb Rule) and another rule broken.
Dang Next problem. Whose gonna lap count? I know “hey girls would you like to lap count for us?”
Heck yes gives us something to do. Kara sez “Marie you record the laps and I’ll call the boats.”
Arahh dang we don’t have number boards on our boats as required in the rule book.
Kara, “why do you need them as I know all the boats anyway.” OOP’s another rule broken no number boards.
Sure if you’ve got a big entry like Taupo Hamilton or Rotorua you need number boards but for only 5 entries that are all going to run in the same heats CRAP.
You can imagine what the competitors would have said if the CD sez we have to comply with the rule book to the letter of the law.
So now do we cancel all their Presidents cup allocated points because they broke the rules? I don’t think so.
Oh, there is one member who would probably suggest they should have cancelled that offshore round because not enough people and everyone broke at least 3 rules each.
That’s what was suggested to me because we could not run our November speed runs on the prescribed date as the river was in flood even tho we had a backup date 2 weeks later when the tides were suitable to run again.
And yes, what about allowing non-financial members race and without mandatory Kill switches.
Guilty as charged. As above. we have all been guilty of breaking rules. They All X members of the NZMPBA that have had a gutful of the sort of thing that has gone on this past week that got dealt to them in a similar way whilst I was in Australia.
We have a safe venue where no one can get down to the waters edge that is 3 meters below ground level, and they have all agreed that if they ever get inspired to rejoin our Association and race elsewhere they will fit the kill switches
All amongst the fastest boaters in this country Matt Gay, Jayden and Malcolm Jamieson, Brendon kirk and Glen Vallender. When you race against then and if you manage to beat them you know you have had a good race. And all they want to do is race their boats with out all the politics and rule nit picking that seems to always come from the same area of our country.
I and many others enjoy competing against them because they are dam good boaters and we will continue to do so.
The last sentence has already been answered above.
After this latest fiasco most, if not all South Islander don’t give a rats backside about the dam Presidents cup they just want to race boats without the politics.

That’s my opinion for what it’s worth

Regards Nitro.

Posts: 148
Post Re: Final 2020 Presidents cup standings after Blenheim speed runs
on: December 16, 2019, 08:22

Wow, after putting rules in place as President you admit to completely ignoring them! Most of this rant goes against the Objects of the NZMPBA Constitution as well as several breaches of the new COC.
Perhaps you should just resign, both as President and your Life membership, and go and start your own association and stop attacking other members of the NZMPBA.
The role of President is one of stewardship and serving, not personally attacking members and defaming them like you have done, especially to myself, and others as well! You show yourself to be a very sad and bitter individual and you are dragging everything down with you.

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