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Author Topic: 2019 AGM Minutes
Nitro Ned
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Post 2019 AGM Minutes
on: August 28, 2019, 22:55


Date: August 17th, 2019

Venue: 73Kaihua Rd Nukuhau Taupo

Time: 5:30 pm
RECORD THOSE PRESENT (Circulate Sign-up Sheet)
Grahame Haines Peter Collier Nigel Wong
Wayne Mc Naught Darrell Hansen Pieter Lokum
John Belworthy Marie Haines Brian Hely
Trev Terry Phil Fowler

Murray Smithson, Carl Hansen, Trevor Emerson .

Moved Pieter Lokumn Apologies be accepted
Seconded Phil Fowler


(c). Proxy Voting: Proxy voting at the NZMPBA AGM by a non present financial member will be allowed by offering the right to vote on their behalf to a member that is present. That member shall then have the authority to vote on behalf of those that they represent on any issues at the AGM. The right to vote by proxy must be validated by presentation of the absent members NZMPBA membership card, to the Secretary prior to the start of the AGM, by the member representing them. An attending member may only cast two proxy votes. A member has the right to submit a proxy vote to the Secretary with voting instructions; this vote will only be cast if the remit is not amended. The membership cards can be used by the voter for the purpose of making the vote counting easier.
Previous Minutes
Moved that the previous minutes be taken as Read

Moved: Wayne McNaught
Seconded: Pieter Lokum


Temporary subs remit
See below under remits

Role Nominee Nominated by Seconded Result
President Grahame Haines John Belworthy Phil Fowler Carried
Vice President Peter Collier John Belworthy Nigel Wong Carried
Treasurer John Belworthy Wayne McNaught Marie Haines Carried
Secretary Marie Haines John Belworthy Darrell Hansen Carried
Committee Murray Smithson John Belworthy Peter Collier Carried
Committee Nigel Wong Grahame Haines Darrell Hansen Carried
Committee Phil Fowler Grahame Haines Pieter Lokum Carried
Committee Pieter Lokum Nigel Wong Darrell Hansen Carried
Committee Trev Terry Phil Fowler Wayne McNaught Carried
Moved G. Haines that Presidents report be accepted
Seconded John Belworthy
TREASURERS REPORT as at December 31st 2017
Moved John Belworthy That treasurers report be accepted.
Seconded Pieter Lokum

Noted that Financial Report is not audited.
Subscriptions 2019/20
Moved that annual subscriptions remain the same for 2019/2020

Subscription Fee Structure (Financial year starts 1st January each year)
Senior Membership
Full Rate $50.00
Junior Membership 50% of full rate for upto 20 years of age.
Full Time Student 50% of full rate.
Senior Citizen 50% of full rate for 65 + years of age.
One off regatta NZMPBA fee shall be 50% of the required full membership.
Only one set of mail will be sent to a family group membership but each member will have an
individual registration / race number and have full voting rights.

First time / New memberships.
New membership subscriptions accepted on or after 1st July each year will only pay 50% of the applicable rate above.
New membership subscriptions accepted on or after 1st October each year would be at the full correct applicable rate. BUT will also be valid to include the next full financial year.
1 From Steve trott
Hi All,
Fellow BOP and NZ member John Burke has asked me as a Life member of both the NZMPBA and BOPMPBC for some assistance in understanding the auspices of, and how Presidents Cup points are attained.
Grahame has explained the basic calculation of how points have recently come about from 2 Marlborough based events.
The issue I believe John is getting at is the legitimacy of the competition entries.
In the first instance John & I applaud Grahame's efforts to re ignite interest in RC power boating in the South Island, and if a NZ Champs were devised there, then we would both be there to support.
By virtue of Grahame's notes then he confirms there were only 3 financial members of approx 16 at the Marlborough Challenge, and only 4 financial members of approx 16 at the Frostbite event.
So it appears that the organiser of these events, which are listed as Sanctioned events with PC points available per the formal NZMPBA Event calendar, has allowed non financial members to take part, and then, the few that were financial, have gathered full PC points at each event justified as having raced against all others including those non financial.
In my mind, that is quite a departure from what I always understood the reasoning for sanctioned events:
1> That for the purposes of advertising a sanctioned event, a formal entry form should be available to the NZMPBA membership, which sets out all the details of the event, the general terms and conditions, which includes a note that all drivers / competitors must be financial members of the NZMPBA. I have checked the NZ Offshore Hi Point Series rule set which makes note of this, as does every other entry form I have looked at for all other events posted to the NZMPBA Calendar, it appears the Marlborough events in particular, seem only to rely on an e mail type contact only to the organiser.
2>That the NZMPBA went through the process of identifying and highlighting the "status" of various events on the NZ Calendar, so that the organiser / host club has the benefit of the liability insurance, also that those taking part are bound to the rules and Health and Safety auspices as well.
3> That if understanding correctly the intent given the above, is that ONLY financial members of the NZMPBA can race at sanctioned events.
4> Allowing non financial members to race at a sanctioned event seems to undermine the reason for having the NZMPBA in the first place ?
5> Allowing unfinancial members to race at a sanctioned event exposes the event organiser AND the NZMPBA to legal issues if there were a liability problem, we will have knowingly allowed our own rules to be broken, that equates to being in deep shit these days !
While there are other reasons I understand the NZMPBA has sanctioned events, at this stage, in terms of what John Burke is getting at, is, non financial members should not have been allowed to take part at a NZ Sanctioned event in the first place, that being the case, how can the few that were financial, legitimately collect the full PC Points haul against those that should not have been racing in the first place ?
Only the legitimate events where the minimum entry level per the rules should have been run as PC Points events, ie if the 4 at the Frostbite had all been in the same event, then the max PC points for that event would only have been 20, and thats ONLY if all 4 were in the same class. No results as such have been published, so as yet we cannot determine if various events were even legitimate with the minimum number of financial members to start with.
It appears that if Grahame wants to get things going again in the South Island, thats fine, run events for fun to promote that, but when it comes to nationally sanctioned events, then they need to be completely legitimate. Grahame makes the note that if it was a Nationals most would re join so they can race...I am not sure what the difference is between a Nationals and another NZ sanctioned regional event of significance is, the requirement is the same... not financial ? sorry mate you cant race...
I can find no reference specifically in the rules that says you cannot gather PC points by racing non financial members, but more importantly, historically and all other aspects as above lean toward the fact that all racing at sanctioned events should be currently financial, there for, all would gather the appropriate PC points as appropriate as no non financial members would be racing in the first place.
THE BOP Club have been sent communications from the NZMPBA just prior to sanctioned events we host, to check that all are NZ financial, those that have been found not to be have immediately joined, or not raced.
At this stage, John and I are asking each of you as individual fellow NZ members to decide if the above is consistent with your understanding of sanctioned events and allowing / not allowing non members to race, also that if PC Points should be able to be attained at a sanctioned event when racing against non financial members when they shouldn't be allowed to race in the first place ?
We would appreciate all your individual responses, and anticipate that if Johns enquirey is supported, that the PC Points table is voluntarily adjusted to reflect legitimate results for this year. If not then we believe a communication to the full NZ membership is required so that we all have the clear understanding of what financial vs non financial members racing at sanctioned events is when it comes to PC points allocation. The current "Day licence" remit for the AGM fails to confirm this aspect one way or the other either.
We are asking on this basis first, as the NZ AGM is but a week away, neither John or I will be at the AGM, but see this as a committee issue to clarify collectively as such as the next step, should the above not be actioned or responded to.
Best Regards and on behalf of John Burke,
Steve Trott
LM #232.

Hi all,
John Burke has contacted me to say he has had nil response to the original e mailed notes, neither have I.
While neither of us can be at the AGM ( please note our apologies) we feel it is appropriate that the NZMPBA AGM considers the below and clarifies not just for Johns sake, but that of all NZMPBA financial members, as we all gather PC Points from competitions. In this regard our absence is not an issue.
The questions that need confirmation are:
1> Do formally sanctioned NZMPBA events allow unfinancial members to race ?
Given the NZMPBA Committee remit for this AGMs consideration, it seems to point at the fact that if you do not hold full financial membership so you can race at sanctioned events, that the proposed day licence then provides you the opportunity to race at sanctioned events on a regatta by regatta basis;
From NZMPBA Committee
UNDER 11: MEMBERSHIP FEES In the Constitution:-
(d) Members renewing their subscription within 28 days of due date will receive a 20% discount on the current annual fee in force at that time.
(e) For Members not wishing to pay an annual fee and still compete at sanctioned regattas on a regatta by regatta only basis shall incur a fee of 50% of the current annual fee per regatta

2> That if #1 answer is YES, please confirm how that works, OR if NO, then confirm that it has historically been the intent of the NZMPBA that all those racing at sanctioned regattas are financial members at the time of the event.
3> That if #2 answer is NO, then please confirm that all events that have so far contributed to the PC Points table per the NZMPBA forum for 2019 will be fully reviewed, (best done independently by 2 other committee members not including who ever has been collating the points so far for 2019) with the appropriate adjustments to be made to reflect legitimate PC Points actually scored as per the forum points table.
4> That if the Committee remit passes successfully into the constitution, to please clarify if the competitor with a "day licence" ( referring to remit point (e) ) collects PC points based on their regatta by regatta attendances.
5> That if the Committee remit passes successfully into the constitution, to please clarify if competitors that hold full financial membership, gather PC Points by racing against someone with just a "day licence".

John Burke & I would appreciate prompt acknowledgement by reply, that the above has been received for the AGM agenda, and is noted for the consideration and confirmation by all attending the AGM .
Best Regards and on behalf of John Burke,
Steve Trott.
Discussion Incoming committee to review regatta results for Marlborough Model Powerboat clubs Queens Birthday And Frostbite regattas Re Presidents cup points structure.



From NZMPBA Committee
UNDER 11: MEMBERSHIP FEES In the Constitution:-
(d) Members renewing their subscription within 28 days of due date will receive a 20% discount on the current annual fee in force at that time.

Discussion General feeling of members present this is not necessary as our subs are considered reasonable
Vote motion was lost 4 to 7.

(e) For Members not wishing to pay an annual fee and still compete at sanctioned regattas on a regatta by regatta only basis shall incur a fee of 50% of the current annual fee per regatta
Vote Motion was passed 10 to 1
To be added to the Constitution and under membership subscriptions above.

Nationals As BOP was Granted the default venue in the interim for future Nationals are they prepared to host another Nationals.

Constitution; amendment need to look at remitting change of due date for subs from 1month after AGM to 1 January each year.

Moved by members present to change this immediately.

There being no further business


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