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Author Topic: Rudder Position
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Post Re: Rudder Position
on: February 2, 2020, 21:15

Ok, sounds like they may be talking to each other electronically. The problem may be that the leads are close to each other as you say. Wires generate a magnetic field in a circular direction proportional to the current flowing therein and a wire next door will have a current induced in it by the first one! Maybe no big deal normally as say on a car engine there may be 4 or more ignition wires side by side and probably NO problem as the 4 cylinders are reciprocating at the same rpm on the same crankshaft and the spark plugs never need to fire at the same time.

BUT in your case the two motors are NOT coupled together so can, and do run at different RPMs. Every so often each motor will want to fire at the same time and the two magnetic fields generated by the spark plug leads will effectively cancel each other out, meaning next to NO spark!! and motors STOP.

How to fix?? Putting some insulation between the leads may do very little to fix it as the magnetic field(s)will probably just pass straight through :-(. A magnetic shield may help and I have googled the subject, a thick piece of metal, maybe such as ferromagnetic, copper or aluminium but probably won't produce the best result. Maybe just separating the ignition leads will work best. You must have got them close together by re routing around the motors, so doing the opposite to keep them the max distance apart may be the answer.

Another way you won't want to do is gear them together so they run 180deg apart and the sparks never interfere.

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Post Re: Rudder Position
on: February 3, 2020, 22:24

Hi Peter, What I have done is shorten the plug leads, put a silicone tube from bottom of plug cover to base of plug, earthed each engine and spring tension-ed the two throttle servos so there is no play. But as yet haven't tried starting each engine to see how they run. Fingers crossed. Thanks heaps for your input, very much appreciated. Cheers Sorry.

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