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Author Topic: Committee Meeting minutes 08/04/2019
Nitro Ned
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Post Committee Meeting minutes 08/04/2019
on: April 15, 2019, 19:24

Date 8th April, 2019 8pm

PRESENT; Grahame Haines, Marie Haines, John Belworthy, Trevor Emerson, Pieter Lokum , Nigel Wong, Peter Collier, Murray Smithson.

APOLOGIES; Keith Ewing,




NZMPBA Monthly Accounts

Opening Balance
Date 4 March 2019 - 31 March 2019

Opening Bank Accounts 4 March 2019

Entry Fee Account $ 113.56
Insurance Account $ 1,083.76
Non Profit Account $ 5,917.97

Total $ 7,115.29


Entry Fee Account Nil $ -
Insurance Account Nil $ -
Non Profit Account Subs $ 575.00

Total $ 575.00


Entry Fee Account None $ -
Insurance Account None $ -
Non Profit Account None $ -

Total $ -

Closing Balance 31 March 2019

Entry Fee Accounts $ 113.56
Insurance Account $ 1,083.76
Non Profit Account $ 6,492.97

Total $ 7,690.29

Amy McClellan 251 Name NZMPBPA #
Nigel Wong 261
Wayne Thompson 29
Brad Thompson 36
Marc Freeman 15
Birmy Korving 286
Wayne McNaught 5
Grant Binns 71
Leo meharry 104
Spike Taylor 38
Taylor Trott 33
Mathew Lee 55
Life Members 6 Total Members 37

Moved John Belworthy That Amy McClellan be accepted as a new member
Seconded Nigel Wong

Moved John Belworthy that accounts be accepted
Seconded Peter collier


IN 1. Record claims from BOPMPBC
2 From Hamilton City Council Re HMBC use of storage Tunnel for storing Dinghy and bouys etc

Correspondence Discussion
Records 8 for ratification


Peter Anderson P Sport Hydro 33.297 sec
P Deep Vee 35.141 sec
P Mono 36.634 sec

Damian Baker T1 Thunderboat 32.232 sec
P2 Hydro 27.242 sec
John Burke P1 Tunnel 33.586 sec
Petrol outrigger Hydro 35.072 sec

Moved G Haines that records be approved

Seconded Pieter Lokum

Hamilton City Council
Lease agreement on behalf of Hamilton Model Power Boat Club

Committee discussed and approved Lease agreement

Forward Signed lease agreement to Hamilton City Council

Send letter to BOP MBC re last months Nationals default venue


discussion on further clarifying of ambiguous rule are needed (Tables)

Johns suggested table below for member discussion only

NZMPBA Rule Simplification of General and Class Racing Rules.
1. Section 4 in the General rules should be removed and located in the Class Rules.
2. Remove the table following that section also.
3. In section 4 (General rules) look at the C1 class – it mentions that it should be for MONO only.
4. Again in section 4 (General rules) I believe it is saying that you can only run X and PX in Open Oval at a NZMPBA National Championship meet, yet the table below it indicates you can run them in Offshore!
5. Redo all tables to only one as below and possibly delete Deepvee (It’s just a simplified Offshore!)

Engine A B C1 C2 X Stock P1 P2 P3 PX Electric
N2 P Q S T
Mono/DV Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Offshore Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Tunnel Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hydro Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
OB Mono Y Y Y
OB Tunnel Y Y Y
OB Hydro Y Y Y
Sport Hydro Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Scale Hydro Y Y 11cc Y
Thunderboat Y
Thunderboat y
Crackerbox Y

6. Classes.
Glow Engines
A Class Up to 3.5cc Glow Fuel
B Class 3.51cc to 7.50cc Glow Fuel
C1 Class 7.51cc to 10cc Glow Fuel. Engine must be front induction and side exhaust.
C2 Class 10.01cc to 16.60cc Glow Fuel
X Class 16.61cc to 36cc Glow Fuel (Single or Multiple engines.

Petrol Engines
P1 Class Up to 23cc Standard Pump Fuel and Oil only
Stock Class 22.5cc to 25.4cc Zenoah Standard Pump Fuel and Oil only
(See separate Rules for Stock Engine Scrutineering)
P2 Class 23.01cc to 27cc Standard Pump Fuel and Oil only
P3 Class 27.01cc to 36cc Standard Pump Fuel and Oil only
PX Class 36.01cc to 72cc Standard Pump Fuel and Oil Only

Electric Classes (No restriction on motor or controller)
N2 Class 2S Nominal 7.4Volts Max 8.46V and 6000mah Lithium Polymer (Lipo) Batteries
P Class 4S Nominal 14.8 Volt Max 16.92V and 6000mah Lithium Polymer (Lipo) Batteries

Q Class 6S Nominal 22.2 Volt Max 25.38V and 6000mah Lithium Polymer (Lipo) Batteries
S Class 8S Nominal 29.6Volt Max 33.84V and 12000mah Lithium Polymer (Lipo) Batteries
T Class 10S – 12S Nominal 37Volt Max 50.76V and 12000mah Lithium Polymer (Lipo) Batteries
Pack voltage maximum to be checked where the Race Director deems necessary prior to the running of any heat (or run in the case of SAW events).

List all courses together
List all timings systems in one place

Murrays one off regatta entry fees
Murray suggests we put forward a remit at the AGM setting a fee of $25 for those who only want to compete at a one off regatta each year to cover insurance for them.

Dallas Gibson.

A celebration of Dallas’s life is to be held on 18 may in Hamilton.
Contact David at for details.

Next NZMPBA Committee meeting Monday 6th May 2019 8.00pm

Meeting closed 9.25 pm

Moved: John
Seconded Murray

G Haines to post to web site.

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Post Re: Committee Meeting minutes 08/04/2019
on: April 16, 2019, 07:28

One question, one comment.
Question, will you guys ever stop frigging with the rule book and focus on building interest and membership growth in this hobby?

Regarding Murray Smithsons remit, $25 for a "one off regatta fee", no point to it. Have you considered doing something on the lines of a 'day licence' for $10, max of two or three times then have to join. Other organisations do this! This would help local clubs to attract new people to have a go and get them hooked on the hobby. The benefit becomes more membership overall.

Nothing you guys are doing is conducive to increasing membership, you are not making it easy in any way for clubs to grow, and constant rule changes is a complete abuse of the power given to the committee. The goal of the current system was to streamline a previously long drawn out process in regards to making changes. With a total membership of 37 it is sitting at half of what it was when I was President, obviously something is not working! Time to rethink the strategy huh? Try some honest dialogue with the membership, consider their views instead of the small group thinking that currently dominates. You guys have a lot of years of experience to draw on, but throw some wisdom in there and drop the arrogance that prevails. The results are in the numbers, and they are a fail. Please listen.

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