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Author Topic: Clive from Christchurch
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Post Clive from Christchurch
on: January 3, 2012, 00:43

Hi Fellow boaters,

Im Clive 31yr dad of five great kids's,with a awesome misses,I'm a nightshift supervisor/welder i enjoy building things and try to complete them,alot of unfinished projects with not enough time on my hands lol.

i first got into boating 08-09 season roughly, with a little os21 side port mono,tradme special had some good and some bad times,but i was hooked.
Then sort of went overboard and then got a 41" aeromarine sprintcat off another boater and stuck OPS .90 blackhead in it it gave me the speed thrill,had a couple of other boats on the way,done my first nats in Christchurch in the thunder down under,didnt have much luck at all but had fun.

Gave up boating after we had our home broken into,until i found another hull (f1 john bellworthy) in a second dealers a year or so later,rebuilt it jammed a modifed ops.90 & name it full of envy.
Im hoping to break Grahame Haines(Nitro ned's) record with my finger's crossed.

Other projects are
Home made rigger home to a mac 84 not finished yet
Thrid time lucky 50" offshore cat with twin OPS .90,(the first two died a sore death!)
and a couple of k&b outboards plus a rossi unit too
looking for suitable hulls for speed runs but good things come to whom wait.

I enjoy meeting other boaters learning new things the do's & dont's
It's a enjoyable hobby with it's high's and low's
but what makes it,is it's members thats all worth the while.

Regards Clive 😉

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Post Re: Clive from Christchurch
on: January 3, 2012, 09:03

Hi Clive,
Nice to see you on here. Good luck with breaking that record of nitros, it wasnt really that fast anyway..... 😛
I started with a 3.5 K&B on a Tunnel, and I was hooked also. Hope your all ok with latest quakes your way.
Hope to see you on the water sometime,

Nitro Ned
Posts: 154
Post Re: Clive from Christchurch
on: January 6, 2012, 09:21

Maybe I'll hang onto that 90RS and put the record beyond reach after all it was only a bitsa OS 91 that set it:)

Posts: 29
Post Re: Clive from Christchurch
on: January 7, 2012, 09:36

mmm sounds like your running scared there Nitro 🙂

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